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Aesthetic Medicine is a branch of medicine that deals mainly with preventing the skin from aging and reversing the effects of aging. He deals with the repair of all imperfections that may disturb or hinder life for some people, such as: scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, cellulite and the like. In other words, its goal is to guarantee a higher quality of life, increase self-esteem and satisfaction with the patient’s own appearance. In recent years, aesthetic medicine has become very popular and widely available, more and more women, but also men, are choosing it. Everyone wants to fit into the prevailing canon of beauty, feel great in their body and increase self-acceptance.

Aesthetic medicine before and after – is it worth going for the procedure?

Modern aesthetic medicine offers a huge list of treatments that absolutely everyone will find something for themselves. Almost every aesthetic problem can be solved very easily and quickly. Treatments should be selected according to age. Aesthetic medicine below 30 will not focus on reducing wrinkles, because at this age there are not too many of them, people at this age will primarily care about body contouring.

You can decide on lip modeling, ultrasound treatments reducing cellulite and stretch marks, liposuction, reducing dark circles under the eyes, scar removal, closing or narrowing the enlarged pores, vacuum massages, or treatments from the group of gynecology and aesthetic dentistry. Completely different sets are offered, aesthetic medicine over 40, to the package for younger ladies it is worth adding all facelifts, filling with hyaluronic acid, plasma treatments, and treatments improving the appearance of the breasts, which often do not look as we would like them after pregnancy, then it is worth choosing .

People who decide to use aesthetic medicine over 50 should choose rejuvenating and lifting treatments, for example thread lifting or mesotherapy. Properly selected treatment to our needs can make us love our body and we will be more confident and more likely to participate in social life. It will also help to break free of the greatest complexes that could previously limit us.

Aesthetic medicine – who does it?

When choosing a procedure, first of all you need to make sure that the procedure will be performed by a competent person. So who? Aesthetic medicine doctor, she has a license to perform aesthetic medicine treatments. A properly qualified person knows how to perform the procedure, how to react in the event of complications during the procedure, can recognize unwanted reactions of the body, choose the appropriate preparations and tools based on the diagnosed diseases, answer questions about medicine and will know if everything heals in correct way.

By choosing a specialist, we can be sure that we are safe and in the best hands. aesthetic medicine It differs from plastic surgery in that the majority of these are minimally invasive and non-surgical procedures, but more advanced and interfering with the deeper layers of the skin than cosmetic and cosmetological procedures. There is no need to stay in the hospital after this procedure. When deciding on the procedure, it is worth paying attention to what effects it should bring and choose the one that we care about the most, what complexes we struggle with and what body we dream of.

Aesthetic medicine in a dentist’s office

aesthetic medicineThese are not only body corrections, some dental offices also offer aesthetic medicine treatments. If you’ve always dreamed of captivating snow-white teeth, then you have the opportunity to make this dream come true! Because a beautiful smile always makes the best first impression and says a lot about a person. Not everyone is aware that the position of the teeth affects the shape of the face. After properly adjusting the bite, some people are able to observe that their lips have enlarged, their cheeks have been filled, and their furrows have decreased. How? Sometimes it is because the teeth have leaned forward, or simply because the molars have been replaced.

It is important to coordinate treatments around the mouth, such as augmentation, with those with orthodontics, as sometimes the dentition surgery alone is enough to get the desired effect of a full mouth.Properly qualified aesthetic medicine doctors can influence the shape of your face and help you get the one you want. Knowledge how to make your face slimmer and how to improve the face oval. Aesthetic medicine  also allows for the treatment of ailments such as bruxism, i.e. excessive facial contraction, and thus also has a positive effect on our physical well-being, because bruxism is associated with frequent headaches.

Aesthetic medicine – what VAT is charged for treatments?

For aesthetic medicine treatments, the VAT is 23%. However, there are exceptions when the procedure is tax exempt. When? When it is a “medical care provision”, that is, when a doctor carries out a procedure for which medical indications have appeared.

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