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Pedicure leczniczy - czym jest i na jakie efekty możesz liczyć

Therapeutic pedicure – what it is and what effects you can count on Ingrown nails. Painful thickening of the skin. Cracking feet. These are problems that affect a large part of society. Taboo topics for many. Nothing to be ashamed of. The source of the complexes. However, if you suffer from any skin problem on the feet, it is not a reason to cover that part of your body all year round. You have nothing to be ashamed of. Like any other problem, this one can also be solved. A therapeutic pedicure can help.

What is a therapeutic pedicure?

Therapeutic pedicure is similar to classic pedicure, but its basis is the treatment of pathological changes. The podologist first conducts diagnostics that will allow you to find the cause of the problem. Only after careful inspection of the feet does it start performing procedures such as:

    • cutting and polishing nails,
    • work on nail shafts,
    • removal of painful blisters, corns, calluses,
    • removing calloused skin and smoothing the new layer of the epidermis,
    • placing a clamp on ingrown nails,
    • reconstruction of damaged nail plates,
    • treatment of mycosis.

The last stage of therapeutic pedicure is the basis of the classic – that is, moisturizing the skin with a specialized agent that makes it taut and smooth.

Who is a therapeutic pedicure dedicated to?

The podiatrist is gaining more and more recognition in our society. More and more people – both ladies and gentlemen – realize that they are not doomed to live with foot problems. A podiatrist is able to cure even rare diseases. So who will a therapeutic pedicure be a good solution for?

Foot defects

Diseases such as flat feet or hallux valgus result in loads in a given area of ​​the foot. As a result, calluses are formed on the skin – a defensive reaction against excessive stress. Regular visits to a podiatrist should be the responsibility of people struggling with foot deformities.

Foot diseases caused by lifestyle or inappropriate footwear

The foot inserted in high-heeled shoes is in an unnatural position for itself. Therefore, women who, due to their work, have to spend 8 hours a day in high heels, much more often suffer from painful blisters, calluses and abrasions on their heels. Running enthusiasts also have to face dire consequences. High mechanical stress and the development of mycosis caused by keeping the foot in damp shoes for a long time – these are the two most common problems affecting runners’ feet. That is why it is so important for them to control this part of the body. Detecting the problem at an early stage will allow the podiatrist to quickly implement the treatments.

Diseases of the body

Some diseases show up on… feet. Contrary to appearances, this part of the body can tell a lot about our health. Diabetes is one of the conditions that affect the condition of the skin on the feet. Then, gentle abrasions assume the rank of difficult-to-heal wounds. Therefore, people suffering from diabetes should regularly use a therapeutic pedicure. In many cases it has a huge impact on the formation of ulcers, which in extreme cases lead to amputation.

However, if you do not get sick with anything, you are not a sports lover, and you spend the whole day in comfortable sneakers, it does not mean that you cannot use the treatment. On the contrary, if they appeared on your feet

      • cracks in the foot area,
      • calluses,
      • prints
      • make an appointment with a podiatrist without hesitation.

Therapeutic pedicure – does it hurt?

Looking at the specialized pedicure equipment can make you shiver. However, no part of the procedure involves pain. The tools used work in such a way that the customer does not feel the slightest discomfort. On the contrary, people who have used a therapeutic pedicure once often describe the process as relaxing. So why can a therapeutic pedicure be associated with pain? This may be related to the treatment of the ingrown toenail. We listened to the stories of doctors tearing off our friends’ nails and we coded in our head that the problem was related to severe pain. However, therapeutic pedicure is not based on breaking the nail. On the contrary, this practice is now considered a mistake. A podiatrist to heal the nail plate uses a clamp. This process takes place without the slightest pain.

Why is taking care of your feet important?

It would seem that the changes in the feet are not that big of a problem. It’s so easy to hide them. Not exactly. Painful abrasions, bleeding, unsightly cracked heels – this is one side of the coin. The second is the unnatural stress on the spine and joints by tilting the feet while walking. The condition of our feet is therefore closely related to the overall health. Therapeutic pedicure is a rescue for all those who hid their pain under thick socks even in the middle of summer. It is a guarantee of both good physical and mental health. The continuous development of the technology used during the procedure means that people with diseases that have never been cured before appear in the surgeries.

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